Daisy Crazy!

April 15th, 2014

Spring has sprung! (Well, more so in Kelowna than in Saskatoon, but we haven’t lost hope yet!)

With a new season comes new trends, and at Frakas it’s all coming up daisies! Our buyers first noticed this common theme when on a spring buying trip in Las Vegas… it seemed this classic bloom was the flower of choice among the fashionistas. From daisy headbands to printed dresses, there is no escaping (not that we want to)! We are seeing daisies on jewelry, incorporated into lace patterns and printed on shorts, crop tops and sweaters. For the more timid lady, a simple and understated pair of daisy earrings would be just the right accessory to add to her spring wardrobe. Feeling brazen and not afraid to make a statement with your ensemble? Rock that lacy daisy crop with your daisy print maxi skirt and top it off with a flower crown to tell the world “hey! I’m ready to go frolicking through a meadow and I don’t care who knows it!” This is officially the season to embrace your inner flower child and we at Frakas are feeling the peace & love.






New Dresses!

February 10th, 2014

Can’t beat those winter blues?  Come check out our hot new arrivals and spice up your wardrobe!

Hot Holiday? Early Summer Sale.

January 4th, 2014

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Jan 6 – 18

In the press

January 4th, 2014

In Focus posted December 20 2013 by Contributed 0n  WelcometoKelowna.com

Colleen Becker moved here to open a new location of her business, FRAKAS, Shops For Women, in 2007. FRAKAS opened its first location in Saskatoon 11 years ago, and the second location in downtown Saskatoon 8 years ago. Colleen’s sister, Randeen and her husband , Leon are now the managing partners in Saskatoon. FRAKAS seeks to provide women with a way to express themselves through affordable and fun fashion, clothing, accessories, jewelry and girly gifts. Colleen loves to travel and is looking forward to visiting her son in Thailand where he will meet her when he takes a break from typhoon relief work in the Philippines. Today Colleen and FRAKAS Shops For Women are In Focus.

See the rest of the interview at :   http://www.welcometokelowna.com/in_focus/news/In_Focus/13/12/20/In_Focus_Colleen_Becker_of_FRAKAS_Shop_For_Women

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December 9th, 2013

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You’re Invited!

November 27th, 2013

Frakas wants you to join us for our annual shopping party this Friday (29th) from 5-10! Stop by the Ludlow store in Saskatoon or our Kelowna location for some sweet deals, live music, drinks and snacks. 20% off the entire store! :)

Carleigh, Saskatoon

September 26th, 2013

My Name is Carleigh, and I am the Manager of the Saskatoon Frakas locations. I have been a Frakas employee and avid Frakas shopper since my Aunty (Colleen) opened the store opened 10 years ago! (Remember those celebrity picture cards we used to display our earrings on? I used to make those! ) I started working part time at Frakas when I was in high school, then eventually started managing a couple years later after doing some traveling! I love to travel, and have lived in Australia and England since graduating from high school!

Who is your fashion idol?

Nicole Ritchie. She has done so many amazing things in the fashion world over the past few years! I loved watching her on the T.V. series Fashion Star… not to mention watching her on The Simple Life!

What is your favourite part about working at Frakas?

Being able to let my creativity run wild! I love creating new displays and coming up with new ideas for Frakas. Also, being surrounded by my wonderful co-workers and awesome customers make it an a great place to work!

What do you like to do on your days off?

Laying in the sunshine is my favorite thing to do in the summer, and in the winter I like hiding out in a warm place with a coffee

Robyn, Saskatoon

September 26th, 2013

Greetings!  My name is Robyn Campbell.  I’ve been with Frakas for three and a half years now.  I lived in Vancouver prior to moving to Saskatoon where I studied the Fashion Arts and Business program at John Casablancas.

What is your favourite item you have bought from Frakas?

I just purchased a super cute lovely girl jacket.  With fall just around the corner it was the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

What is your favourite part about working at Frakas?

Frakas is an awesome environment to work in.  We have the best customers and the girls I am blessed to work with make coming to work everyday a joy.  I’ve met some of my closest friends working at Frakas. It feels like a second family here.

Tell us an embarrassing/funny moment that has happened while working at Frakas.

Spraining my ankle while trying to dance “gangnam style”…..not my most graceful moment lol.

Leslie, Saskatoon

September 26th, 2013

My name is Leslie Maclean, I have been an part time employee at Fraka’s since July. I have been an esthetician for 4 years, so I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion! I am a “foodie” ,so there is nothing more therapeutic to me then wining and dining with my friends.

Who is your fashion idol?

My favorite fashion idol would be Sienna Miller or Kourtney Kardashian

What is your favourite part about working at Frakas?

What I love about working at Fraka’s is that everyday is different (especially working at the downtown location..heehee) Also the bond with the other employees

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off that’s when I get all my house work done and organize my schedual for the next week. Also catching up with friends

Randeen, Saskatoon

September 22nd, 2013

Saskatoon managing partner for 2 years, but have been around Frakas since opening over 10 years ago helping out at times when needed.

I am a full time grade two teacher, Colleens sister and Carleighs mom!

Tell us an embarrassing/funny moment that has happened while working at Frakas

A gopher came into the store on a busy Saturday afternoon. The girl I was working with jumped up on the counter and a boyfriend of a customer asked me for a broom and he shooed it out the door. I was thankful he was there.

What do you like to do on your days off?

Days off? I don’t have days off. I guess if I do, I am sick! Lol

I do enjoy watching my son play hockey, my daughter play soccer and relaxing in my hot tub in a little free time.

What is your favourite part about working at Frakas?

The girls keep me young. It is also such a huge change of pace from teaching 7 year olds, that I love the calm feeling and adult contact. The store often smells really good and there are so many beautiful things to look at and I love that too!!!